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Digital Marketing Roadmap Template

Many (but not all!) certification programs require students to take an exam at the end of the course in order for them to receive certification. The user’s experience of the brand via its digital channels should be seamless, delightful, and intuitive. As is so often the case, the size of the company will determine exactly how hands-on the digital marketing manager will be when it comes to the execution of tasks.

Marketing manager roadmap

An IT projects roadmap combines strategy, releases, and features into one timeline view. You can see how each release and feature supports the broader IT goals of aggregating business data, internal mobilization, and improving business process automation. In this example, you can see specific releases in purple and related goals as colorful flags. The timeline at the top gives a sense of when the team plans to deliver the work.

Link work to strategy

It can also help to see real product roadmaps in action before you dive into creating your own. Product experts Mark and Rose walk through how to build roadmaps with the right details for the right audience. This will help you understand how product managers present product roadmaps to customers, teammates, and leadership.

Marketing manager roadmap

Organizations can even include non-product roadmaps such as marketing, IT, and operations in the Portfolio View. Whether you are starting a business, launching a new product, or coordinating a cross-functional project, a roadmap will enable you to visualize your strategic plan and turn it into reality. It represents the output of your planning process and will serve as the main tool to communicate your initiative to stakeholders in a compelling manner. A marketing roadmap is a clear action plan that describes the main stages of product development, as well as the means of achieving them. It is often visualized with the help of a special tool or service for product management.

Types of Marketing Plans

They take many competing priorities and boil them down to what’s most important, leaving shiny objects by the wayside in favor of work that moves the needles stakeholders really care about. A colorful roadmap with key milestones and sprint schedule for better planning a SaaS product. A thorough guide to effectively building and using a roadmap through definitions, examples, tools and tutorials. In marketing, any global strategy and a separate initiative should be detailed and well planned. It’s better to visualize any idea at the start – this is also a well-known fact.

At less than twelve months long, they’re a shorter and more cost-efficient option than a degree, but generally longer and more expensive than a bootcamp. Feel https://wizardsdev.com/en/vacancy/marketing-manager/ free to incorporate your brand style with different tools and options from the editor, like My Brand Kit which allows you to apply your brand colors.

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Or simplify progress tracking with the Board view, which allows you to label your tasks with fully customizable statuses like To Do, In Progress, Needs Input, and Testing. Open the Product Request Form view to create a custom request form by dragging and dropping Task Fields like Priority, Start Date, Due Date, Attachment, etc. You can also insert fully customizable fields to fit your specific product, add an assignee and a requester, and change the theme color for easy follow-ups. Being a Whiteboard template, it serves as a fully customizable canvas for adding media items like shapes, text, or sticky notes and converting them into concrete tasks. Furthermore, you can use Connectors—lines and arrows—to establish relationships between tasks or create mind maps to break down complex ideas.

Marketing manager roadmap

With a roadmap, you can prioritize your tasks and resources smartly. We’ll also guide you through the step-by-step process of creating your own roadmap for success. By the end of the blog post, you’ll know how to create your customized roadmap that drives your brand forward. By the end of it, one can walk away with a strong understanding of the organization’s strategic direction for its upcoming marketing efforts. For example, while a greater plan or department might handle social media marketing, you might consider your work on Facebook as an individual marketing strategy. Keep in mind that there’s a difference between a marketing plan and a marketing strategy.

How to Present Your Roadmap in 5 Steps

In a case like this, I can quickly see that Jamie doesn’t have much in her pipe. Resourcing isn’t my primary purpose for building a roadmap, but it’s an easy way to get a snapshot of what’s happening. Keep in mind that your primary goal is what really matters and allow some flexibility in terms of performance, as long as you remain on track for completing your goal. For example, if one campaign is falling short of projections but another one is making up the ground, simply try to determine why performance is out of line with expectations and learn from the situation. If you had to change any of the time frames to fit everything into your schedule, run your campaign simulations again to check the outcomes still leave you on track to hit your targets.

  • Product roadmapping software can also easily enable custom versions of the roadmap to be generated based on the particular audience it’s being presented to.
  • Project roadmaps are slightly less detail-oriented than project timelines.
  • Strategy roadmapThis view shows how the marketing initiatives link to higher-level goals.
  • Each team manages its own product’s roadmap, but they’ll automatically roll up into a Portfolio View providing a single, consistent view of every product in the portfolio.

Releases are often organized by product launch but some teams prefer to arrange their roadmaps based on development capacity. Displays the high-level efforts that you plan to invest in to achieve your product goals. A strategy roadmap is great for presenting progress on initiatives to leadership and keeping cross-functional teams aligned on overarching business strategy. If you are ready to see your product plans come to life, read on to discover why product roadmaps matter, the five steps to building one, and tips for getting started. The first is socialization to ensure the product roadmap and its objectives are clearly understood by the teams tasked with making it all happen.

This includes UI/UX, engineering, architecture/IT, testing, and operations, as each plays a role in turning great ideas into actual products. Instead of constantly updating your roadmap or worrying about version control, you can quickly create, customize, and share beautiful views of your strategic plans. Enter your information once, and your roadmap will update automatically — so everyone can see how they are making progress towards the goals in real time. Roadmapping is a strategic planning approach that helps visualize what you want to accomplish and when. Use it to define the actions and resources required to transform your vision into reality.

Marketing manager roadmap

If you intend to get something at the end of this—be it approval or a bundle of cash—then the roadmap should illustrate how the included items and their sequence will net results your stakeholders care about. Launching a new product can be extremely complex, with a wide range of interrelated tasks, project interdependencies, and many moving parts. This article helps you build the ultimate SaaS MarTech stack by reviewing the best platforms we’ve used over the past decade.

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